Started operating a B&B

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I am Yuki, the wife of Komay Shibata, the owner of Fukubatake.

My job is to create websites, create advertisements, create signboards, drive, cook, and purchase.

Komay's job is guiding, interpreting, crafting, and playing the piano. He is a jazz pianist.

We lived in Osaka for 25 years. However, life in the city is very busy, so three years ago, I moved to Yoshino-cho in the plateau.

Are we able to relax after coming to Yoshino?

No, I've been much busier since I came to Yoshino.

I started making fields. Since the house is large, I also started to do maintenance of the house. Shopping has become a long-distance drive instead of walking. I made a friend.

In the city, I couldn't make friends unless I belonged to a company or some kind of organization, but in the countryside, everyone is my friend.

But in the countryside, even if I'm busy, I don't get tired.

The air is clean here and there is a lot of freedom.

We eat vegetables grown in our neighborhood and drink well water from the mountains.

Wake up to the sound of birds while being enveloped in the scent of forest trees.

Komay is 70 years old, but he has more energy than when he was younger. He also found playing the piano exciting.

I am 52 years old and in good health.

We would be very happy if you could visit our beloved Yoshino and make everyone happy.