Let's enjoy jazz in Japan!

Ko-may Shibata, the owner, is a jazz pianist.

Jazz pianists doesn't read sheet music as accurately as a classical pianist does, but instead relies on codenames to improvise.

Even when he accompanies a singer, he breathes with the singer and creates sounds inspired by them.

There are many types of jazz music besides modern jazz.

New Orleans jazz, swing jazz, modern jazz, free jazz, fusion jazz, smooth jazz, and more recently, acid jazz, and hip hop is said to be a kind of jazz.

Ko-may is a modern jazz player

In Japan, jazz is mostly modern jazz.

In particular, a live house plays modern jazz if it says jazz, unless indicated otherwise.

In many cases, the players do not belong to a specific band, or have multiple bands, and play improvised music with simple scores.

I think Japan is probably one of the countries where jazz is popular.

Not only in the cities of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, but also in the countryside, there are jazz performers and jazz live houses.

And there are always live performances and sessions somewhere.

In addition, jazz festivals are held in regional cities and rural areas to revitalize the town.

Live shows are performed by professional or semi-professional players, but sessions and jazz festivals are attended by many amateur players.

When you come to Japan, be sure to check out the sessions and jazz festivals.

At my house, we have a jam session on the third Saturday of every month.

There are amateurs and sometimes professionals playing together, and it's a rural area, but the day is very lively.

Visiting and participating are free for B&B guests.

There are also drinks and sweets, so it's like a party.

Please come and visit us!