The pen that Michel Legrand loved

This pen is "Puraman JM20" sold by Pentel in Japan.

Released in 1979.

Although it is a disposable water-based pen, you can draw thick or thin lines by changing the angle of the pen tip, so you can write like a fountain pen.

This pen was the favorite pen of the great c omposer and jazz pianist Michel Legrand.

He bought this pen every time he came to Japan. And it seems that this pen was always inserted in his chest.

I imagine that he would write down his inspiration anytime, anywhere, while holding this pen that could draw beautiful notes like a music pen, more easily than a music pen.

When you come to Japan, please pick up this "Puraman JM20". I think you will like it too.

Maybe there is a store in your town that sells "Praman JM20".

I sell them in my store too. I use it myself.

The price is 220 JPY.